Luxury Boarding Experience

The kennel is approximately 7300 sq ft. The space is divided into six bedroom areas containing approximately 106 bedrooms, kennel kitchen, laundry room, bathing room and utility room.

About the bedroom

Each bedroom measures approximately 4.5′ x 9′ or approximately 40 sq ft. The floors are sealed with xypex and the walls are sealed with epoxy paint. We have sealed most surfaces and used non-porous materials so that the entire area may be disinfected and pressure washed, providing a clean and healthy environment.


Each dog has their own bed with a heavy fleece blanket and a self-filling water dish. The kennel is air conditioned and heated with multiple air exchanges per hour. 


While we tend to anthropomorphically describe a dogs likes and dislikes, the fact remains that dogs are pack animals. Their nature is to be part of a pack and love to play with other dogs, and people too! Your pet will play for an average of 6 hours per day for no additional charge! This play time and socialization for the majority of the time they are awake is the luxury experience they love the most! No other amenities could make them happier!