COVID-19 and your pet

COVID-19 and your pet

You might be wondering how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect your pets life. We have some answers for you!

The COVID-19 is a respiratory virus originated in China and is infecting people worldwide. It is mainly spread when an infected person sneezes, coughs, or speaks.

While other types of coronavirus affect animals, COVID-19, shows no meaningful evidence that it can be spread or contracted by our pets. In fact, the CDC has not reported any cases of pets or other animals becoming infected in the U.S. You should still practice great hygiene when handling your pet. Wash your hands before and after petting your pet. Also, you may want to bathe your dog more frequently than usual.

Unless you have tested positive for COVID-19, you can still take your best friend out for a walk! However, you should remember to stay 6 feet away from others. Dogs like routine and need exercise and socialization. Doggy Day Care is a great option to get your dog out of the house. At this time at Poochies and Mutts, we have added curbside pick up and drop off, extra-sanitizing, and have made gloves and masks available.

During this time of uncertainty, please consider your pet in your family’s preparedness. Make sure they have enough food and any medications they might need. Please stay safe and healthy, and remember that you and your pet will always be treated as family at Poochies and Mutts!

Poochies & Mutts Launches New Responsive Website – Live Pet Cameras

Poochies & Mutts Launches New Responsive Website – Live Pet Cameras

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