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We all know how a good work out feels after a busy day at work. Our dogs need to get that same work out “rush”.  A walk around the block just isn’t enough for them.

A lot of behavior problems in dogs is just because they have all this pent up energy.

At Poochies & Mutts we will keep your dog busy. Whether they are here for daycare or spending the night. They will come home all played out. Ready to snuggle up on the couch or at your feet in bed.

​Daycare for Dogs & Cats

Poochies & mutts is the new generation of pet care, where the focus is placed on your pet. Your pets’ physical and emotional well being is our major concern.

With 24 hour drop-off and pick-up seven days a week! Ideal for any working schedule! Complete with wading pool and waterfalls with up to six hours of supervised play time, free!

Pet Resort & Kennel

Built for dogs and cats with 8300 sq ft indoor play area for the dogs and one of the largest cattery and play areas in Green Bay and Northeastern Wisconsin!

Most of our dogs just don’t get enough exercise. As humans, we can’t keep up, aside from being a marathon runner. They lay around all day waiting for us to come home from work. Then we rush in to feed them, give them a little pat on the head and rush back out to a meeting or a class.